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SURUI MOTOR GARAGE is a brand from Indonesia, owned by PT SURUI ARSHAKA GROUP that was founded in 2022. With a vision to assist all Harley Davidson Motorcycle users around the Globe to be able to visualize how they want to custom their bike in 3D as they imagined through a mobile app named "SURUI GARAGE".

Started from the experience of the founder when he’s modifying his Harley-Davidson, he couldn’t imagine how the parts look when it’s mounted in the motorcycle, happens when the parts came it’s just not fit the look. This become the base logic and analysis in the making of SURUI GARAGE Mobile App. App is 100% made by Indonesian App Developer using the best and sophisticated 3D technology that create realistic visualizations. user should be experiencing easier visualization of the end results of modifications using curated accessories afterparts from the best brands.

SURUI GARAGE Mobile App also has the e-commerce function that app user can purchase the aftermarket Harley Davidson parts, shipping will be worldwide from Jakarta, Indonesia.



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SURUI MOTOR GARAGE also produce and provides Harley-Davidson aftermarket modification parts that will be introduced in Motor Bike Expo 2023 (27th to 29th January 2023) in Verona, Italy

  • Derby Cover

  • Handlebar Riser

  • Swing Arm

  • Foot Pedals

  • Floorboards

  • Performance Muffler - Exhaust

all Parts/Items are made in Indonesia, CNC machined from the best and high quality materials, 100% safety guaranteed, and available in several colours combination.


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The Motor Bike Expo 2023 exhibition is considered as the best opportunity for the launch of “SURUI GARAGE” Mobile App and the “SURUI MOTOR GARAGE” HD Aftermarket Modification Parts and to introduce, promote them to the world.

In Motor Bike Expo 2023 “SURUI MOTOR GARAGE” will display 2 (two) Harley Davidson motorcycle that represent their modification style in collaboration with the best Indonesia modificators GARASI 19 (Best Harley Davidson Customizer in Indonesia), KAWAHARA RACING (Best CNC Factory in Indonesia), FREEFLOW (Best custom paint job artist in Indonesia)

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